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Micro CNC Machining • Medical Manufacturers • MicroTitanium Parts

Russell Symes & Company have a long list of satisfied customers from around the world. We have over 30 years experience producing tight tolerance components. 

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We regularly manufacture tightly controlled components in quantities ranging from short Prototype and R&D runs through to full production requirements including:

Fibre optic couplings & packaging

Ventricular Assistance components

Medical instruments

Hearing Aid components

Luer lock connectors

Dental Implants

Medically Implantable Platinum and Titanium components

Electrical Terminals for Defence & Aerospace

At Russell Symes, we produce precision machined components to suit your specialised application. Our carefully selected range of latest technology CNC machines, allows us to manufacture your most technically demanding parts with precise control.


Our specialist services include:

8-Axis Swiss-Type CNC machining: 0-40mm capacity

3D CNC Milling to 300 x 300 x 200 capacity

3D CAM programming

3D CMM measurement

Electro-polishing and Passivation

Bead Blasting

Coating & Plating

Wire Cutting

Polishing and Deburring

Laser Etching

Our extended specialties include:


  • Medical device manufacturing

  • Medical implants

  • Biomedical parts

  • Stainless Steel Medical tools

  • Implantable Titanium parts

  • Dental implants & screws

  • Platinum machining

  • Implantable Platinum parts

  • Invar fibre optic parts

  • SF20T parts for telecommunications devices

  • Kovar machining

  • Swiss Type turning

  • Bone screw machining

  • 8-axis turning

  • 3D machining

  • 3D CMM measurement

  • ISO 9001 certification

We are equipped to produce even the most complex designs.
Please contact us with your requirements.

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