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Since commencing operations in 1977, RS&C has established itself as a world leader in the manufacture of complex micro precision components out of difficult to machine materials. Where consistent high quality is the primary requirement for the finished product, RS&C/TMC is our customer’s first choice in precision CNC machining.

In 1990 our export arm, TMC (Titanium Medical Components), was established as our services became more sought after in The United States, Europe, India and Asia. We specialise in manufacturing precision machined parts and are experts at producing burr-free components in a quality driven, spotlessly clean environment.

Our core focus is the production of high quality, complex parts in difficult to machine materials, and it is our unrelenting dedication to quality that has ensured Russell Symes & Company’s enviable reputation as a leading manufacturer of precision CNC machined components.

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Laser Marking and Traceability services.

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